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Cool Tools

Cool stuff. Gear. Toys. The way a certain pen flows. The way a certain notebook feels. We like it. We know a lot of you like it too.

From a productivity standpoint, there are obvious dangers in spending too much time tinkering with your system. It is a means not an end in itself. But you can still have a little fun along the way. And if a certain type of stationery or electronic gizmo inspires you to engage with your work in a better or different way, or at all, then so much the better.

There is a risk of resistance to capturing new thoughts if all that's available is that free biro from the conference last month and the back of a receipt, but if you've got your favourite fountain pen always to hand, you'll be looking for excuses to use it.

What follows is a list of stuff members of the Personal Best team indulge in and links to where you can find out more about and buy them.

Pilot G-2 gel pens

Moleskine notebooks

Yellow legal pads

Plain 3"x5" index cards - Hipster PDA

Fisher Bullet Space Pens

Xmind: free, cross-platform mind mapping software

Sound Health CDs for concentration, productivity, relaxation and more

Text expansion software allows you to specify text snippets which instantly expand into longer pieces of text. Ideal for email signatures, boilerplate text, forms, correcting frequently made typos and much more. A huge time saver.

Windows: PhraseExpress, Breevy, Mac: TextExpander

If you'd like to recommend any cool tools, contact us with the details so we can check them out.