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Our Programmes

We can help you to increase your personal productivity in a range of different formats:

For groups:

Group Workshops: one-day group programmes delivered in your organisation. Particularly suitable as part of a learning and development curriculum or for individual teams. These can be done in-person or remotely.

Group Workshops with 1:1 Follow-Up: all the benefits of a one-day workshop plus each participant receives two hours of individual implementation support to cement their learning.

Mini-workshops: Short sessions of around 90 minutes to 2 hours, designed specifically to focus on key areas where productivity could be improved. We run workshops on effective meetings, managing email and other electronic communication tools, effective task management, productivity for working parents and many other productivity related themes.

For individuals:

Individual Coaching: This is particularly suitable for executives and managers, as well as high-potential individuals, dealing with significant volumes and complexity of work. It consists of around 16 hours of initial input and then ongoing, unlimited access to one of our team to build and sustain good habits.

Telecoaching: one-hour sessions over the phone with one of our experienced coaches, available singly or in a series of sessions. Particularly suitable for those seeking an introduction to enhanced personal productivity or for those keen to build on what they have already learned.