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Our Programmes

We can help you to increase your personal productivity in a range of different formats:

For groups:

In-Company Workshops: one-day group programmes delivered in your organisation. Particularly suitable as part of a learning and development curriculum or for individual teams.

In-Company Workshops with 1:1 Follow-Up: all the benefits of a one-day workshop plus each participant receives two hours of individual implementation support at their desk to cement their learning.

Remote Team-working: designed specifically to help organisations respond and adapt to the challenges of large-scale, full-time remote working brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. A fully virtual blend of group training and individual coaching, for remote teams and their leaders. This includes our normal programmes delivered in a virtual format as well as new training focussing specifically on the challenges of working from home.

For individuals:

Individual Coaching: face-to-face coaching in your workplace over one or two days, particularly suitable for executives and managers, as well as high-potential individuals, dealing with significant volumes and complexity of work.

Telecoaching: one-hour sessions over the phone with one of our experienced coaches, available singly or in a series of sessions. Particularly suitable for those seeking an introduction to enhanced personal productivity or for those keen to build on what they have already learned.