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Individual Coaching

This is one-to-one, laser-focus coaching, either in-person at your home or office or delivered remotely. It provides the ultimate way to implement our approach to personal productivity, teaching you to manage your workload while feeling relaxed, in control and on top of your game.

It's the most popular format for senior people because it is tailored specifically to individual needs and it provides an ongoing connection to the coach who delivers the programme, meaning that you don't feel you have to “get everything” out of the initial input. You can come back at any time to clarify existing understanding or seek further input. This can be really valuable if the content of your role changes or if you take on a particular new challenge. Often organisations use this for high potential individuals who are about to step into a bigger role or for senior individuals whose workload has increased.

We take into account the way you live and work, the tools and systems you like to use and have to use, your physical environment and travel patterns, your preferences for handling information and your working style. Using all this information and more, we agree with you an approach to organisation that's customised for you.

Then we work with you to apply our best-practice process for managing work, illustrating the principles and building self-reliance.

The results are often dramatic:

  • A personal productivity system populated with up-to-date information and ready to go
  • A thorough understanding of the process and the way it applies to your world
  • Plenty of practice using the principles, behaviours and tools involved in working your system
  • A great feeling of release and achievement
  • And lots of real work done into the bargain

The programme consists of a preliminary phone call with the individual and the coach to agree objectives followed by around 16 hours of ‘initial input’ time (usually in 2-hour blocks and usually spread over 3 or 4 weeks, all delivered remotely with screen-sharing). This allows time for practice and consolidation in between coaching sessions. After this we move into 'habit building' mode and you have ongoing access to your coach via phone / video / screen-sharing for as long as you want it to  ensure that everything that was set up in the initial phase continues to work well.

Some people continue to access this support twenty years after the initial programme!

To find out more or to book a coaching programme, please contact us.

Some of the techniques have really helped me to keep on top of a demanding workload. I feel much more in control of my work, with time to think and plan ahead. A number of my colleagues have noticed and commented on the change, in particular that I never foget anything now. - Mark Pearce, SEGRO