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Your use of this Site is subject to all the terms set out on this page. These terms are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of England. By viewing any page on this site other than this page or the Home page, you agree to these terms.

Any contract We enter into is made in England and interpreted according to the laws of England, unless We expressly agree otherwise.

Information is published on this Site relating to certain Productivity Services which are available for booking. Examples of such information include dates, times and prices of available public workshops and telecoaching appointments. This information is provided in good faith, and We will use reasonable care to keep it accurate and up to date. This information is not definitive. If You wish to obtain information You can rely on when booking Productivity Services, please contact us.

Facilities such as the "Contact Us" form and "Book Now" buttons are provided on this Site to enable You to enquire about or begin the process of booking Productivity Services. Your use of such facilities does not create a firm booking or any binding agreement between You and Us. You may be sent an automatic acknowledgement of any communication You send Us via this Site. Our sending any such acknowledgement does not constitute Our acceptance of any order or Our consent to any agreement or terms.

The information published on this Site includes descriptions of certain Productivity Services. This information is illustrative only, and does not form part of any binding agreement between You and Us.

Following any communication You may make using this site, We may provide You with a Service Description and an Engagement Letter or Booking Confirmation. We may also provide You with a Relationship Agreement if appropriate. The Service Description, Engagement Letter or Booking Confirmation and Relationship Agreement, if any, once agreed by You and Us, form the entire agreement between You and Us in relation to Our provision of Productivity Services to You.

Business Ethics

We aim to do business ethically at all times. In particular, we want people to decide to use our Services on the basis of the benefits which they expect will accrue to the party who is paying for our Services, as a result of the delivery of those Services.

We will not offer improper inducements in order to gain or retain business, and We do not permit anyone to offer improper inducements on our behalf in order to gain or retain business for Us.

We do not expect to receive inducements to do business with those who supply us with goods and services. Any such offer or suggestion of such an offer will be regarded as improper conduct. Any such conduct engaged in by a person acting on behalf of a current or prospective supplier of Ours will be reported to Our management and that of the party on whose behalf they are acting.

Anyone with reason to believe that We, or anyone acting or purporting to act on Our behalf, is acting improperly is requested to report what they know directly to Our Managing Director, Julie Daniel, whether the conduct in question relates to prospective Clients, suppliers or any other party with whom we do business, or might consider doing business.

We occasionally make small referral payments to people who successfully refer us to new clients. We do this as a way of saying "Thank You". We will only make a referral payment where (1) the referror is very familiar with and convinced of the benefits of Our Services; (2) agreement has been reached in advance regarding the possibility of Our making a referral payment; (3) We believe that the referror is not primarily motivated by the prospect of receiving a payment; and (4) to the best of our knowledge, the prospect of receiving a payment would not create a conflict of interest for the referror.

Proprietary Rights

All the information published on this Site is subject to copyright as marked on each page of the Site. The copyright is held by Personal Best Ltd. except for any thing which is expressly marked as being held by someone else.

Some information on this site may be subject to other proprietary rights including, but not limited to, Trade Marks and/or Service Marks (whether Registered or not), rights in trade dress, patents etc. Any such rights are held by Personal Best Ltd. except for any rights which are expressly marked as being held by someone else.

The information on this Site is provided solely for the personal use of Visitors to advance their own personal productivity at work and elsewhere. It may not be used, in whole or in any part, in connection with the provision of coaching, workshops or any kind of training or teaching except that provided by Us.

If You wish to use this material for academic or research purposes, please contact us.

You may print pages from this Site, or transform them into another medium, electronic or otherwise, for Your own personal use only. You may not pass on any such material by any means or in any form whatsoever. If You wish to bring information published on this Site to the attention of others, You may pass on a link to one or more pages of this Site.

Not Personal Advice

The personal productivity information on this site has been prepared with care and we believe it to be accurate and helpful.

It may not be applicable in all cases, and in any case where it is not applicable, this may not be obvious. We cannot fully define the circumstances under which it would or would not be applicable. We cannot fully determine the circumstances under which You might be contemplating its use. It is Your responsibility to determine whether the information is applicable to You and to decide whether or not to use it (as published, or in some modified form), how to use it, and for what purpose to use it.

You should consider, among other things:

  • any laws, regulations or similar things applying to you and/or your organisation

  • any policies or administrative arrangements applying to you or the equipment or data you use

  • the extent to which your current and intended personal productivity systems and practices match those which we recommend, and/or the assumptions underlying them

  • the way your equipment or systems are designed, configured or installed

  • the versions or variants of equipment that you use

  • other things which may affect or be affected by what you are contemplating

We will not be responsible for Your use of the information on this Site, or for Your inability to use it, even if we have been advised that you intend to use it and/or of the circumstances in which you intend to use it.

Restricted Access to Information

Some information on this Site is authorised for access by certain Visitors only. Such information can be identified by protective markings or notices on the page, by a requirement to provide a password before navigating to a page, by notices which are displayed before navigating to a page, by a page's url or part of its url, or by a combination of these methods.

If We have provided You with a password for use in connection with this Site, the password is for Your personal use as a Visitor only. You are not authorised to disclose the password to anyone else.

Unless We have directly and expressly provided You with a password for Your use as a Visitor of this Site, You are not authorised to access any restricted information on this Site, even if You are able to provide a valid password or gain access to restricted information by some other means including, but not limited to, viewing restricted information in whole or in part on internet search engine results pages.

The pages within this site collectively known as The Zone - those whose urls contain the characters "thezone.personalbest.ltd.uk" - are restricted. They are for access by Clients of Ours to whom We have issued a password which remains valid. All other access is unauthorised.

You acknowledge that knowingly gaining unauthorised access to restricted information on this Site is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

If You are in any doubt about your permission to access information on this Site, please contact us.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

We collect and process information which we believe amounts to personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA"). In very rare cases, some of this information may amount to sensitive personal data as defined by the DPA. Nearly all the information we collect is collected overtly - in ways which would make it obvious to You that the information is being collected.

We collect:

  • the information Visitors submit on "Contact Us" and Booking Forms via this site

  • the information we need for completing Engagement Letters, Booking Confirmations and Relationship Agreements, as applicable, usually by asking You

  • any information You may provide to us during coachings, telecoachings and workshops, and during any preliminary or follow-up contact with You in connection with these

We collect this information to enable us to run the "Free Telecoaching Prize Draw", to respond to enquiries, to provide Productivity Services to You and to process payments.

We may also use this information from time to time to contact You about new developments, services or events which we believe may be of interest to You.

The Site uses files called cookies, which are recorded on your computer by your internet browser software according to instructions contained in the pages of the Site. The Site uses cookies for two purposes:

  • Analytic cookies - to measure the numbers of Visitors to the Site and allow Us to see patterns of Visitor behaviour. We use this information to improve the design of the Site.

  • Access Control cookies - to record the fact that a Visitor has recently entered a correct password for access to restricted content, where applicable, so that the same Visitor does not have to enter the same password again in the near future. We gather no information from these cookies.

The Access Control cookies we use contain no personally identifiable information, and there are no circumstances in which such a cookie can provide us with additional information about a Visitor's use of the Site.

The Analytic cookies we use contain no personally identifiable information per se. If on any given visit to the Site You use a site feature, such as Contact Us or a Booking Form, which provides Us with personally identifiable information about You, We could, in theory, use information gained from an Analytic cookie to form a picture of Your use of the Site on that occasion. In practice, We do not do so - We only use Analytic information to study Visitors' behaviour in aggregate.

The information contained in the Site's Analytic cookies is processed for Us by third parties acting as service providers to Us, but is not made available to or used by any third party for any purpose other than for providing Us with analysis.

We do not, and will never, divulge your information except as, when, and to the extent that, We have reason to believe that We are obliged to do so by law. Our relationship with our Clients is personally confidential. We do not provide assessments of Clients to their employers or to any organisation which commissions coaching or workshops for people to attend.

Some information collected by us before December 2008 may be stored on a computer system operated by a former licensor of Ours. This information may be stored outside the EU and may be subject to processing beyond our control. Except for this, all the information We store electronically is held in systems to which We have exclusive user access. All human interaction with such information is carried out within the UK, and all such information is stored within the EU.

To allow us to fulfil our "free email support forever" guarantee to Clients, we keep information about Clients in perpetuity unless You ask us not to.

You have a right under the DPA to know what information we hold about You. If You wish to find out more about this, or if You have any query relating to information security please contact us. Before disclosing any personal or sensitive information to You, we will need to verify Your identity.

Relationship with Other Sites

This Site contains links to pages on other sites. We will use reasonable care to ensure that these links work as We intend. Pages on other sites are subject to change at any time without Our knowledge and may be subject to malicious modification. We cannot guarantee that the links on this Site will lead to the pages We intend them to lead to, that such pages exist, that they contain the information You or We expect them to contain, that any information on such pages is lawful, appropriate or useful, or that the content of such pages is harmless.

We may have a business relationship with any party to whose web site this Site contains a link. The existence of such a relationship, or Your knowledge of such a relationship, does not constitute any kind of warranty or recommendation by Us of anything You may view or find on offer on another site.

We will not be responsible for Your use of any links to pages on other sites, or for Your inability to use any of them.

Integrity of the Site

You may not alter, or attempt to alter, the information published on this Site in any way.

You may not alter, or attempt to alter, anything which affects the way this Site is, or appears to be, accessed by other Visitors, for example by altering the IP addess or domain name at which this Site is, or appears to be, located.

You may not do anything which foreseeably denies or hinders other Visitors' use of this Site unless You have express authority to do so.

You may not alter, or attempt to alter, the operation of this Site in any way, for example by changing password protection or payment processing functions.

You may not create anything which provides other Visitors with access to this Site or any part of this Site in such a way as to misrepresent or disguise the identity, ownership, content, functions or address of this Site or any part of this Site.


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Us/We - Personal Best Limited (see here for details) and/or its employees, agents and subcontractors

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Productivity Services - any coaching (whether delivered face to face or by telecoaching) or workshop (whether in-company or public) provided by Us, whether paid for or pro bono.

Client - any natural person (as opposed to a group, organisation or incorporated entity) who has received Productivity Services.