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Proprietary Rights

All the information published on this webite is subject to copyright as marked on each page. The copyright is held by Personal Best Ltd. except for any thing which is marked as being held by someone else.

Similarly, some information on this site may be subject to other proprietary rights including, but not limited to, Trade Marks and/or Service Marks (whether Registered or not), rights in trade dress, patents etc. Any such rights are held by Personal Best Ltd. except for any rights which are expressly marked as being held by someone else.

Not Personal Advice

The personal productivity information on this site has been prepared with care.

It may not be applicable in all cases, and in any case where it is not applicable, this may not be obvious. It is your responsibility to determine whether any information is applicable to you and to decide whether or not to use it, how to use it, and for what purpose.

Restricted Access to Information

Some information on this site is authorised for access by certain visitors only. Such information can be identified by protective markings or notices on the page, by a requirement to provide a password before navigating to a page, by notices which are displayed before navigating to a page, by a page's url or part of its url, or by a combination of these methods.

If we have provided you with a password for use in connection with this site, the password is for your personal use as a visitor only. You are not authorised to disclose the password to anyone else.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

We collect and process information which we believe amounts to personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA"). In very rare cases, some of this information may amount to sensitive personal data as defined by the DPA. Nearly all the information we collect is collected overtly - in ways which would make it obvious to You that the information is being collected.

We collect:

  • the information Visitors submit on "Contact Us" and Booking Forms via this site

  • the information we need for completing Engagement Letters, Booking Confirmations and Relationship Agreements, as applicable, usually by asking You

  • any information You may provide to us during coachings, telecoachings and workshops, and during any preliminary or follow-up contact with You in connection with these

We collect this information to enable us to respond to enquiries, to provide Productivity Services to You and to process payments.

The Site uses files called cookies, which are recorded on your computer by your internet browser software according to instructions contained in the pages of the Site. The Site uses cookies for two purposes:

  • Analytic cookies - to measure the numbers of Visitors to the Site and allow Us to see patterns of Visitor behaviour. We use this information to improve the design of the Site.

  • Access Control cookies - to record the fact that a Visitor has recently entered a correct password for access to restricted content, where applicable, so that the same Visitor does not have to enter the same password again in the near future. We gather no information from these cookies.

The Access Control cookies we use contain no personally identifiable information, and there are no circumstances in which such a cookie can provide us with additional information about a Visitor's use of the Site.

The Analytic cookies we use contain no personally identifiable information per se. If on any given visit to the Site You use a site feature, such as Contact Us or a Booking Form, which provides Us with personally identifiable information about You, We could, in theory, use information gained from an Analytic cookie to form a picture of Your use of the Site on that occasion. In practice, We do not do so - We only use Analytic information to study Visitors' behaviour in aggregate.

The information contained in the Site's Analytic cookies is processed for Us by third parties acting as service providers to Us, but is not made available to or used by any third party for any purpose other than for providing Us with analysis.

We do not, and will never, divulge your information except as, when, and to the extent that, We have reason to believe that We are obliged to do so by law. Our relationship with our Clients is personally confidential. We do not provide assessments of Clients to their employers or to any organisation which commissions coaching or workshops for people to attend.

Some information collected by us before December 2008 may be stored on a computer system operated by a former licensor of Ours. This information may be stored outside the EU and may be subject to processing beyond our control. Except for this, all the information We store electronically is held in systems to which We have exclusive user access. All human interaction with such information is carried out within the UK, and all such information is stored within the EU.

To allow us to fulfil our "free email support forever" guarantee to Clients, we keep information about Clients in perpetuity unless You ask us not to.

You have a right under the DPA to know what information we hold about You. If You wish to find out more about this, or if You have any query relating to information security please contact us. Before disclosing any personal or sensitive information to You, we will need to verify Your identity.