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Telecoaching gives you access to an experienced coach over the phone and with optional screen sharing, either as a one-off or in a series of sessions.

Perhaps you are looking for an introduction to the increased productivity you can achieve with our help. Or it may be that you have previously attended one of our workshops and you would like some individual "top-up" coaching.

You can use us as a resource at any stage in your journey towards ever greater productivity, helping you to deliver consistently high quality results and stay on top of your game. We can:

  • Establish where you can add most value in increasing your personal productivity

  • Identify and address areas for refinement and further improvement

  • Cement your new behaviours

  • Assist you in looking at the bigger picture

  • Set up or improve your electronic or paper lists

  • Help you understand the best way to review, plan ahead and set a clear direction for your work

  • Tackle more advanced areas of productivity

  • Address your specific questions

We offer telecoaching by the hour, making this a flexible and affordable way to get individual help and advice.

To find out more or to book a telecoaching session, please contact us.