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What We Can Do For You

The business world today is more hectic and more demanding than ever. Everybody wants something, usually yesterday. So many meetings, so many targets, so many interruptions. Email, voicemail, instant messaging. Demands from colleagues, bosses and their bosses. Other people's priorities to juggle with your own. Plus it's nice to go home every once in a while. Stress, overwhelm and fractured attention are increasingly common problems in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

That's where Personal Best comes in. You can still have a lot on your plate, but without having a lot on your mind.

Would you like to:

  • Get your email under control?

  • Have more ideas or make more of those you already have?

  • Experience fewer last minute crises by making decisions earlier, when more options are often available?

  • Get better clarity of outcomes with fewer projects getting "stuck"?

  • Effectively keep track of everything you have delegated?

  • Learn how to organise the things you have to do so you see them when and where you could do them?

  • Give the bigger picture the focus and attention it deserves?

  • Get better alignment between strategy and execution?

  • Learn how to switch off at the end of the day?

  • Make intuitive choices about which of the many things you could be doing is the best one to do right now?

  • Make the most of the odd pockets of time that crop up during your day?

We teach you how you can manage your workload while feeling relaxed, in control and on top of your game. We will teach you the principles, behaviours and tools you need to increase your productivity and reduce stress. Even better, teams of individuals operating in this way enjoy greater clarity of aims and responsibilities and reliability of performance.

We're always happy to have a completely no-obligation chat to explore what you might need and how we can help, so do get in touch if you want more details about our group workshops and our individual coaching (both face-to-face and over the phone).

Incidentally, once you're one of our clients you can access free email support from us forever, even if you move jobs.

The tips and methods presented on email management have had the biggest impact on me. Just recently, when I came back from my three-week holiday, I had - wait for it - 1010 unread emails in my inbox. And now? They are all filed, tasked, deleted or answered. This has made my life a lot easier. - Bret