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Away With Awaydays

Planning an awayday? Feel like you need a teambuilding event of some kind? You could spend thousands of pounds to have your team build towers, trade tiddlywinks and tear around the countryside on a treasure hunt.

But before you go any further down that road, what are you trying to accomplish here? Why do you think you need an awayday?

  • Are you aiming to bring your team together in pursuit of shared objectives?
  • Do you want to foster team spirit and camaraderie to make your team's work run more smoothly?
  • Have you got a new team you want to get up and running as effectively as possible?
  • Do you feel your team lacks direction or motivation and you want to get them back on track?
  • Do you need space to think through some of the bigger picture things on the agenda?
  • Are you simply trying to relieve some of the pressure of business as usual?

Our personal productivity workshops can deliver all this and more, providing learning that translates directly back into the workplace with follow-up available in person, over the phone or by email. Remember teamwork begins with how individuals act and relate to one another. By teaching you the principles, behaviours and tools your team needs to increase productivity and reduce friction, your team of highly effective individuals will have the space, skills and shared standards to work together like never before.

A key component of teamwork is trust. Will they answer that email in time? How quickly will they turn round that job? Will I remember to follow up on that request at the right time? We can show you how to build team trust by following some very simple, practical habits that everyone can get into, regardless of their strengths, weaknesses or personality type. Ensuring the vision of success is clear and knowing at all times who has the ball on what leads to an atmosphere of mutual respect and common purpose.

You can have the event off-site if you want the new perspective that physical separation from the workplace can provide. You can have fun doing exercises with concrete learning objectives. You can partner the day with social activities so your team can let their hair down together. And not a blindfold in sight.

For more information on how Personal Best can help you achieve your team goals, please contact us.


All the delegates were very excited by the workshop. They arranged a meeting for two weeks' time so they could get together to share their experiences and keep each other motivated. One delegate said This was the best training course I have ever been on! - Linda Pope, Age Concern