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COVID-19 - Getting Through It

Our priority, and that of our clients - people and organisations - is to protect the well-being of as many people as we can. This means that some things change, while some things go on as usual, at least for the time being.

In the present circumstances, people will not want to gather together for workshops or coaching sessions.

We continue to offer our telecoaching programs for new and existing clients.

For alumni of our one-to-one coaching program - we shall continue to provide follow-up by phone or screen-sharing as usual.

For alumni of our workshops - we shall continue to provide email support as and when you need it.

Remote working is by no means new to us or our clients, but for many, a sudden shift to large-scale, full-time remote working is challenging. We are offering a new and fully virtual service to help smooth this transition and minimise the impact for individuals and organisations.

It's based on some of our core principles as well as our extensive experience of coaching people who, at least some of the time, work from home. There are particular challenges when someone is working in a home environment, especially if they have not been used to doing so. The training addresses the practical challenges (physical, logistical, technological) as well as the behavioural aspects and the emotional dimension. It helps people to set up systems and tune their habits and ways of working to allow them to be productive and enable the organisation to get full value from people working at home.

There are options designed to meet the needs of managers / team leaders in adapting to this new environment, as well as for team members themselves. The design also recognises that some learners will be familiar with the structures and practices we normally recommend, whereas these things may be new to others.

Our commitment to fostering positive behaviour change through in-person interaction is as strong as ever, but now is not the time.

We will continue to monitor best practice in the countries where we operate and adapt accordingly.