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Public Workshops

We know most individuals and smaller businesses have to deal with a range of issues just as wide as many large organisations, and usually with fewer resources. In fact the smaller your team or business, the greater the benefit in each member becoming more productive.

Equally, highly motivated and proactive individuals in any kind of organsiation are often among the first to recognise the huge payoffs available from increasing their personal productivity.

Perhaps you've read or heard about personal productivity guides such as Getting Things Done by David Allen. Our approach is highly compatible and ideally suited to those who require assistance in setting up their personal productivity system. In fact our senior trainers were themselves taught by the David Allen Company and worked as accredited GTD trainers for six years.

Whatever your background, our public workshops are an excellent way for individuals and teams to gain a strong grounding in the principles, behaviours and tools you need to move forward faster with less friction.

Implementing this approach is straightforward. Different people learn in different ways, but by the end of the workshop you'll have all the skills and knowledge you need to hit the ground running. No need to set aside days at a time to populate lists or systems. No need to adopt prescribed implementation tools or methods. No need to have a large corporate machine behind you. During the day you can take on board exactly what works for you plus an awareness of what else you could do.

We will show you the same best practice approach as we offer our largest corporate clients. Participant numbers are strictly limited to foster a productive experience and to allow us to address your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to participate actively and the space you need to learn. And all this delivered in an interactive, inclusive format that encourages discussion and emphasises practicality.

Over the course of a day, our highly interactive public workshops help you increase your personal productivity and reduce stress in all areas of your life and work.

What's more, our nationwide programme of public workshops brings our events closer to you, saving you both time and money.

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